Days of destruction

Thursday and Friday, that is…

On the left: finishing up the removal of the old pantry.  The oven will be coming here.

Jean supervising…

Measuring for the location of the refrigerator. We’ll have a new cabinet on the other side — and will have room to open the refrigerator all the way, without turning it at an angle to the wall

Measuring for the refrigerator.

The old kitchen, in the dumpster.

The old kitchen, in the dumpster.

All gone. The hardest was the linoleum floor, where its been walked on for 60 years or so.


On Saturday, a start on construction. Mike came in to frame out the soffit where the pantry was taken out.

When we were talking with our first cabinet man, I suggested we remove the pantry to get more room. Jean, Jean Chalmers who helped us get going, and the cabinet man thought that was ridiculous: “You don’t want to lose that!”
Fortunately, we had other problems with that guy. The next one that Ken, our contractor brought it, said “you could take out that pantry” and they all said “Yes! Yes!”.

New soffit

As it says, the oven, which was in the cabinet to the left, will go here, We’ll have this much extra counter space around the stove.

Now, on monday, the plumber is here doing the roughing in.

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