Kitchen progress

We’ve had all the rough-in inspections done: plumbing, gas, electricity, and framing for the new soffit. We’re missing a couple of outlets that we’d asked for, but I’m expecting that that will be coming.

The electricity, gas and plumbing has all been rouged in and inspected.

Today we’re they’re installing the new cabinets!
Moving cabinets in

The lazy susan going into the corner. This will make make the corner usable without contortions.A corner cabinet, with lazy susan.
It’s been some months since we had a working oven! It’s going here, where the pantry used to be.The stove will replace the old pantry.
Actually, we did have a sink before. This will have only one basin, giving us a bit more counter space. It won’t have cracks in the porcelain (and it never will, since it won’t be porcelain). And it’ll have a pull out spray head so I can spray water all over everywhere!Where the sink will go.