Math Department Letterhead and Term Calendar

The term calendar

Here are the PDF files for the term calendars for 2015–2016:

  1. Fall semester, 2015
  2. Fall semester 2015, in one page
  3. Spring semester, 2016
  4. Spring semester 2016, in one page
  5. Summer terms, 2016
  6. Summer terms, 2016, in one page
  7. The full year 2015–2016

The following files will be useful if you want to modify the calendar.

  1. The LaTeX source for the calendars.
    The calendars above are all obtained from this one source file. If called with one of the names “fall15.tex”, “fall15-onepage.tex”, “spring16.tex”, “spring16-onepage.tex”, “summer15.tex” or “summer16-onepage.tex” (either by a symbolic link or by actually renaming a copy of the file) then it will give the corresponding calendar.
    This file can easily be modified to customize the calendar — for example, to include only the days of the week on which the class meets, to refer to events happening in the class, or to make a calendar for a different term.
  2. The LaTeX style file for the calendars.
    This file is required in order to use LaTeX a calendar file. It should be placed in a directory accessible to TeX.
  3. Documentation for the term calendar style.
    This may be useful if you have difficulty making modifications to the source file for the calendars.
  4. Source for both the style file and the documentation.”
    To obtain the pdf documentation file at the previous link, simply LaTeX this file. To recreate the style file, see the LaTeX “doc” package.

Department Letterhead

  1. ufmathletter.cls
    This is a LaTeX2e class file, based on the standard LaTeX letter class, for printing a letter with the letterhead.
  2. letter_template.tex
    This is a template file for using the newsletter class — make a copy, and fill in your information and letter contents as indicated.
  3. UF_signature.pdf
    This is the Official UF logo file, converted to PDF so that it can be included by PDFLaTeX. The official files are available in eps or tif format.

The documentation for the ufmathletterhead class will be useful for either using or modifying the letterhead class. If you want to modify it, then you will want to look at the official University of Florida Policy