Our (transiently) new kitchen!

Today is Tuesday.

Tomorrow we get a dumpster in the driveway.

Thursday they start tearing out the existing cabinets, sink, pantry, dishwasher, stove and oven: everything except the refrigerator, walls, window and doors.

Here is what it looks like now:

Or, with doors open to show everything that has to be moved:

Or, as Jean would prefer it be seen,

And here is our future kitchen!

Appliance boxes in the garage

Jean is busy setting up our “new kitchen,”

which (according to plans) will become the “old kitchen” in another month (though it will seem old before that). A compact work triangle is very important. Ours will be compact: it’s all inside the same building!

Here is our stove and preparation area:

Here is our stove and preparation area:

And here is the sink and dishwasher:

And here is the sink and dishwasher:

Sink and dishwasher

And here is the sink and dishwasher:

We even have another kitchen sink to use for a coffee station!!!!

Jean didn’t want to go out into the garage to make coffee. I could hardly object, since she’s the one that gets up early to make it.

The auxiliary sink (for coffee)

The auxiliary sink (for coffee)


Our work triangle for the next month.

As we grow older a well designed kitchen work triangle is even more important. This one is designed to promote our exercise program.

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