About the Sharp for the Chang Model

I am posting here the final version of The Sharp for the Chang Model is Small, which proves the existence of a sharp for the Chang model using a model with an extender of length at least \(\kappa^{+\omega_1}\). This version, posted February 9 2014, is to appear in the volume of the Archive of Mathematical Logic in memory of Jim Baumgartner.

In addition I will be posting here (more or less blog-type) notes aimed at firming up this theory.

If anyone is interested in working on this, I would be glad to work with them. I’ve never been excited about the prospect of writing up results, I have reached, as Emeritus, my final promotion, and I have reached a stage where “publish“ is no longer an alternative for the relevant meaning of “perish”.

    • An attempt at better terms for \(\chang^\sharp\)

      This is a note suggesting a possible way of eliminating the limitation that the indiscernibles are only indiscernible for restricted formulas. It is contingent on the determination of the minimal mouse for the sharp, and probably on that mouse being at the level of \(\len(E)=\kappa^{+(\omega+1)}\). Posted 2/9/2014.

    • The \(\omega_1\)-Chang model

      This note explains that I don’t see why the same argument wouldn’t give a sharp for the \(\omega_1\)-Chang model from an extender of length \(\omega_2\). [Last updated 2/21/2014]